Monthly Updates

The Case

Jan 2021

Pt 1. The case for emerging markets: It's about time
Pt 2. The case for frontier emerging markets: The forgotten fifty

Jan 2021

Pt 3. The case for Evli Emerging Frontier: We go where others don't

Jan 2021

Blog Posts

Nov 2020

Testing our portfolio for COVID-19: Why we sold Turkey

Sept 2020

The value of investor meetings: What we learned from 323 CEOs

Jul 2020

COVID-19: Protecting our portfolio with medical gloves

Apr 2020

Shareholder activism: How we failed to create value in 800 hours

Jan 2020

PRI in Person: Mingling with marketers

Nov 2019

30 Under 30: How a dead lizard inspired an ESG prodigy
Last month Argentina fell 50% in one day: We saw this one coming

Sept 2019

ESG in Egypt: A laughing matter

Jun 2019

Looking back: How re-visiting the past changed how we see the future

May 2019


12 Markets in 12 Months

A month in the Philippines: Beating the traffic (and the market)

Jun 2019

A month in Malaysia: Finding another gem on "Treasure Island"

Jul 2019

A month in Indonesia: Offending Trump in Bali

Aug 2019

A month in Bangladesh: Investing billions in world's best market

Sept 2019

A month in Pakistan: An altercation at the ministry of finance

Oct 2019

A month in Thailand: Driving three hours to see an empty factory

Nov 2019

A month in Vietnam: Closing the deal

Dec 2019

A month in Saudi Arabia: Piercing the veil

Jan 2020

A month in South Africa: The road to nowhere

Feb 2020

A month in Turkey: Retreating from coronavirus

Mar 2020